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[ウェブデザイニング]サイト構築のためのトータルデザイン誌 毎月18日発売

2014 / 8 vol.157

(7/18 on sale) 1,530 Yen

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Feature 1: Coloring the Web through Handiwork
Let’s Make it by Hand! An Idea Book for Sweet and Fun Analogue Design
Feature 2: Scientifically Analyzing Well-liked Sites
Diversely Examining the Logic of Building Reputation and a Feeling of Trust
Do IT with Poland
Warsaw Travel Journal that Explores Poland’s “IT”!
Choco Banana Planning Session
Extra Edition: Atsushi of London Boots is Joining Us! “Mens-only Entrepreneur Drinks!”
WD Monthly Archive New!
Website Front-page Renewal!
Portrait -Web Craftsman's Portrait-
KATO Takuma (SHIFTBRAIN Inc.)_A Job Called a Creator of “Place” that He Found beyond Crisis
Basis Lecture on JavaScript New!
Let’s Learn Current Display Navigation
Applied Lecture on Flash for HTML5 New!
Let’s Produce Contents by Incorporating Sound
Monthly Focus
A Drawing Tool that Comes Handy for UI Design “Sketch 3”
WF Inside Story
Dream Car of the Day_Making Children’s Drawings into Vine’s Loop Animation as Part of Toyota’s Contest Promotion Plan

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