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[ウェブデザイニング]サイト構築のためのトータルデザイン誌 毎月18日発売

Current Issue

2015 / 4 vol.165

(3/18 on sale) 1,530 Yen

Feature 1: Requirement Definitions That Won’t Cause Trouble Later
The Success or Failure of Web Projects is Decided Here!
Feature 2: Moving Images as Design
The KnowHow to Bring the Merits of Moving Images to Life on a Site
[Special] Awwwards Conference Report
Divining the 5 Keywords for the Future as Told by Key Persons
Portrait -Web Craftsman’s Portrait-
KOBAYASHI Takeru (BIRDMAN)_The Culmination of Life that This Hard-and-Soft “Versatile Artisan” Dreams of
Mobile Service Front Line
Danbokko Kitchen_With Smart Phones x Cardboard, Expanding the Existing Value and Sense of Value
Yotta (Contemproary Art Unit)_Decorated Baked Sweet Potato Car as Living Public Art
WD Monthly Archive
We Gathered not only Websites but New Digital Contents that Our Editorial Desk Took Notice of, Such as Applications and Signage.
Inside Story
Hanatsubaki Website_The Aesthetics and Design Sense of “Hanatsubaki,” Shiseido’s Corporate Cultural Magazine Extended to the Internet
Basis Lecture on jQuery
Implement a Contents Slider that is Compatible with Multiple Devices
Applied Lecture on Flash for HTML5
Let’s Try to Make a Multi-Device Compatible Game

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