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[ウェブデザイニング]サイト構築のためのトータルデザイン誌 毎月18日発売

2014 / 10 vol.159

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Feature 1: WordPress Structuring Techniques that are Fixated on Use
Let’s Enhance Clients’ Satisfaction and the Value of Sites
Feature 2: Making a Company Strong for New Ventures
Signage, Apps, and Store Management…Making Use of Technology to Expand Territory
[Special Feature] [HTML5 Japan Cup 2014] Opening the Awards Ceremony
Announcement of Each Award. The Highest Award was “Kotoba Tsunagi - Connecting Words” with Voice Analysis Feature
Monthly Store Design
aeru_Making Brand Net Shop that Coveys its “Story”
Inside Story Expanded Version
The Regular Home of 2020 Exhibition: Technology that Gives Communication and Excitement to Daily Living
Portrait -Web Craftsman's Portrait-
SUGIURA Taichi (CINRA, Inc) _Where Contents and Business Cross
keletonics inc. (Exoskeleton Creator Collective) _For Every Age That Which Activates People’s Dreams is “Manpower”
WD Monthly Archive
We Gathered not only Websites but New Digital Contents that Our Editorial Desk Took Notice of, Such as Applications and Signage.
Basis Lecture on jQuery
Let’s Implement an Original Modal Window
Applied Lecture on Flash for HTML5
Let’s Create Drawing Tools

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