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[ウェブデザイニング]サイト構築のためのトータルデザイン誌 毎月18日発売

Current Issue

2015 / 2 vol.163

(1/17 on sale) 1,530 Yen

Feature 1: Practical Course A/B Test for Site Improvement
Let’s See What’s Best By Testing on Real Users
Feature 2: That Company’s Amazing Benefit Package
From a 24-hour-free Diner to a Bar, Pizza Oven and Surfin Spree!
[Special Program] dotFes Fukuoka 2014 Report
This Creator and That Robot: Everyone was there!
Choco Banana Planning Session
[Special Report] “A Live Venture until Morning!” at dotFes Fukuoka 2014
Portrait -Web Craftsman’s Portrait-
SAWAI Taeji (Qosmo)_The Relation between Sound and People Discovered through a Rockin’ Life
HAMANA Kazunari_Seaside Artisan who Investigates the Passing of Time
WD Monthly Archive
We Gathered not only Websites but New Digital Contents that Our Editorial Desk Took Notice of, Such as Applications and Signage.
Inside Story
Yanmer_Design to Change the Energy of the Company into a Premium Brand
Basis Lecture on jQuery
Operating SVG with JavaScript
Applied Lecture on Flash for HTML5
Let’s Make Motion Using Light to its Fullest

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