Web Designing

[ウェブデザイニング]サイト構築のためのトータルデザイン誌 毎月18日発売

2014 / 7 vol.156

(6/18 on sale) 1,530 Yen

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Feature 1: The Pictorial Parts-Book of International Sites
From Maps to Scroll Navigation of HTML5 Era!
Feature 2: Clever Ways to Use Your Qualifications
For the Improvement of Skills and Career Advancement as well as Employee Training and Study Groups
[Focus On] How to Become a Trusted Creative Director for Clients
Five Branding Methods that KAWAKAMI Shun of artless Reveals
Choco Banana Planning Session
Extra Edition: Yoshimoto Sato’s “Silicon Valley Exploration Journal!”
Portrait -Web Craftsman's Portrait-
ABE Yosuke (tha ltd.)_Web, Video, Magazine… The Axis of Multifaceted Creative
SAIHATE Tahi’s “Shikuhack” New!
Volume 1 “My Poetry”
Time for Craft Making New!
Let’s Take Panoramic Photos Using Galileo
[Special] TSUKURUHITO & Tour De Graphique
KAWAMURA Kosuke (Collage Artist)_Unconscious Creativity behind the Aesthetics of “Cut and Paste”
Monthly Focus
Monthly Focus_Sublime Text [Second Half]
Web Designing Lab.
JavaScript Lab._Let’s Create Rotation Banners
Flash Lab._[HTML5 Authoring Edition] Let’s Make a Watch that Interfaces with Animation
WD Website Front
Web trend in Japan
WF Inside Story
HAKUHODO i-studio New-Graduates Recruit Site_Unpredictable Expression with the Active Use of GIF Animation that Attracted the Minds of Job-hunting Students

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