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2015 / 8 vol.169

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Features & Special Reports

Feature 1: Maximizing Site Performance Using Google Search Console

Changing the Common Practice of SEO! One-of-a-kind Genuine Tool for Optimizing Search

Due to frequent changes in search algorithm, Google seems to take a negative stance toward superficial SEO. In such a climate, “Google Web Master Tool” changed its name to “Google Search Console.” The reason behind it is to emphasize the fact that this tool is not only for Web creators but also for everyone who is interested in search. To coincide with the renaming, the search key word analyzing tool “Search Traffic” was juiced up dramatically and became capable of analyzing search key words, which were impossible to look up and always turned out as “(not provided)” on “Google Analytics.” With this turnaround, it became possible to achieve substantive SEO and even to improve the performance of a site itself through detailed analysis. This feature explains the essence of this renewed product.


Feature 2: Web Creation Marketplace Expanding in Service Applications

From Schools to Vocational Education. The Net Changes Education and Its Method

“By the year 2020, we will put into practice at all schools IT classes in which every student is provided with a tablet.” Under this goal Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology laid out, education and the net are rapidly coming closer to each other. What set off this process is “EdTech (Education x Technology),” the movement that attempts to utilize cutting-edge technology for education. From schools to the services for vocational education, let’s take a look at the forefront of EdTech, which creates and fosters IT personnel.


Inside Story

TOKINARI_Owned Media for Grasping the Hearts of Potential Users

“TOKINARI” is an owned media site launched in May by a general educational institute ECC, which is known as an English conversation school. The site provides a wide variety of topics including fashion, food, culture, and business. Featuring a bunch of articles that are not related to English conversation, what is the aim of the site? We talked to the members of PLAN-B, the production team which undertook everything from the site proposal to production.



Portrait -Web Craftsman’s Portrait-

HARA Nobuo (Bascule)_Web, Interactive, Live…. The Seeker of the “Incredible” Shown through the Magic of Technologies

HARA Nobuo is a creative director who’s indispensable for the creative company Bascule. Having utilized technologies available at respective times and provided astonishing experiences, Hara is considered as “daring” and a “free man.” On contrary, he is a pure seeker of the “incredible” who always reflects on himself with sincerity.




HIRAO Masashi (Bonsai Master)_An “Artisan” who Transcends Both National Boundaries and Cultures

A lot of people probably associate bonsai with the image of an elderly man pruning plants in his yard. Or like in old-time manga stories when a homerun from sandlot baseball flies over the fence crashing into the “high-end articles of taste” in the backyard of a neighboring home. Today, however, do you know that a young “Bonsai Warrior” is traveling across the world to break new ground with bonsai? HIRAO Masashi has flown intercontinentally to share the fascination of bonsai at art galleries and at times through the collaboration with DJs. We visited the artisan who knocked the door of the famous name as a layman and carries on the tradition while pushing the envelope.


Site Improvement Basic Lecture New!

Tackling Web Improvement as a Digital Marketer!

Text: NAKAGAWA Masashi (un-T Factory)

Now that the importance of Websites is widely recognized among the general public, people in charge of the Web within companies are expected to serve as digital marketers with absolute performance. In this serial, we introduce various analysis and evaluation techniques, including KPI design, with an aim to grasp and improve such performance. To begin, this first volume explains how crucial accurate analysis is for the improvement of the Web.


“TORISETSU – Instruction Manuals” Webification Project

Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions company_Aspiring for Communication with Customers that Separates Digital and Paper

Text: MIYASHITA Tomoki

Panasonic Corporation Eco Solutions Company is Panasonic’s in-house company that provides housing equipment and electric office appliances such as kitchen, bathroom, toilet, lighting fixtures, hot-water supply, heaters and air conditioners. Covering over 400,000 items, the information of those products is delivered to builders and customers through printed catalogs and Web contents. At the moment, the company is reexamining the information structure of the Web contents, while also tackling the task of compiling a database for product information including instruction manuals and construction manuals. In this feature, we introduce the project for the coming age where the Web and paper output are used separately when needed.


Mobile Service Front Line

Lumit_Free Streaming Service that “Pursues Ideal” Created by a Bandsman Himself

Text: NAKAYA Kenichi

Flat-rate music streaming services such as AWA, LINE MUSIC and Apple Music have been launched in Japan one after another, changing the way to enjoy music using smartphones. On the other hand, the free services popular in the States have yet to be realized in Japan possibly due to the existing music-related companies which show reluctance to the idea. Under such circumstances, a free-streaming service of indie label music “Lumit” is providing service that connects musicians and listeners. On top of that, it’s a working musician who operates it.


Worldscape Co.Ltd.

Practical Lecture on JavaScript+CSS

Mastering the Animation of JavaScript and CSS3



Running Stories


(Event & Artist introduction)

Worldwide Creator's Archive

Universal Everything_Users Make Work Come to Life

Universal Everything

WD Monthly Archive

We Gathered not only Websites but New Digital Contents that Our Editorial Desk Took Notice of, Such as Applications and Signage.

Giampiero Bodino / P.I.C.S. Corporate Site / Namie Amuro “Anything” for Google Chrome / Namie Amuro “Golden Touch” / Suntory Ten’nensui no Mori: Hiring Everything but Mankind / Polona / Typo / AMAZING SHOT CHALLENGE | DIGITAL CLUB HOUSE / HereNow / DONGURI Consulting / YUFUKU Gallery / ENOUGH / Kirin Hyoketsu® “Like! Japan’s Fruit Project” / Roboryman Official Website / mentos Fresh! SkyDive / PEPSI STRONG BALL / planta land scape design / sayako kakushin / “Calpis Oasis” Brand Site / Yukimitei


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Thank You, Internet
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See the Origin of Web Contents!
Text: SAWABE Yoshiaki (1-10 Holdings)
All Rivers, All Lakes & Topography - Ground Interface

Singing Contest Judged by Not Skipping the Ad
Text: TSUKIJI Roy Ryo
Skip Ad Festival

What Comes “After Email”
Text: NAKA Akiko

SAIHATE Tahi’s “Shikuhack”

Volume 14: #Instagrapoem


Monthly Focus

PhotoCinema[Second Half]_Optimal for both SNS Release and Video Development for Site Background!

The first half explained the whole picture of “PhotoCinema,” the video making software released by Digital Stage. In this second half, we look into background video development for sites that works closely together with the video making for SNS including Facebook, the company’s Web authoring software “BiND for WebLiFE* 7” as well as its Cloud version “BiND Cloud.”



What Design can Do: Monologue

Vol.139: Conceptual Art
Text: NAGAHARA Yasuhito

From the Data of Web Designers Report: “The Landscape of this Job”

By the Time the Bridge to the Future is Built
Text: KOIZUMI Shinya

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Hagihara Research Institute

Rapidly Advancing Smartphone Correspondence with Corporate Sites
Text: HAGIWARA Masashi

The Secrets of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing of the Year 2020
Text: OHTA Kenji

Exonemo’s “Touching the Web”

Vol.46: Serial Borg Series EP.26 “Future Art”


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Last Volume: Graduation

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