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2014 / 1 vol.150

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Features & Special Reports

Feature 1: Methodology for the App Business

Illustrated Manual Covering Earnings Structure to B2B Field’s Practical Course

Now that “smart devices” such as smartphones and tablets are everywhere, clients’ need for not only Web design but also applications design is growing. That being the case, what are the essential points for the production of apps that differ from Web in terms of both development language and media characteristics? And what methods are optimal for the effective use of applications? We answer these questions with focus on the concept of app-based business models and preparing for deadlines in commissioned development.


Feature 2: Behind the Scenes of dotFes and Installations

The Future Form of an Interactive Exhibition: 7 + α Art Project by Web Creators

Main appeal of “dotFes,” an event held under the concept of “a school festival for Web creatives,” is that participants can fully enjoy and interact with a wide array of exhibited pieces and installations made specifically for the event by Web creators. At “dotFes 2013 Kyoto,” held at Kyoto Seika University on November 10th this year, a number of sessions were organized, and bustling booths brought excitement to the venue, where many fascinating new installations by Web production companies were showcased. In addition to the report on lectures and exhibitions, under the cooperation of the creators, we welcome our readers with the details of these installation works.


Choco Banana Planning Session

Sellout Crowd! Choco Banana Fes Report!

On November 17th, a collaborative event between comedy and digital creatives called “Choco Banana Festival” was held at “the Yoshimoto” in LUMINE in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Performed before a full-house crowd were skits like “Creative Ōgiri –comic monologue,” “Counseling Room,” and “Choco Banana Presentation.” We report on this three-part event while also reviewing the whole festival.


WF Inside Story

Shooting_Why Does the Poet “SAIHATE Tahi” Kill Poetry?

SAIHATE Tahi is a poet whose range of work is not limited to literary magazines but includes comic and cosmetic magazines and newspapers. Recently, she launched a shooting game on her site that kills her own poems, which attracted much attention. In this game, the player has to continuously shoot poems that pop up on the screen. Why did she decide to exhibit her precious work in such format? She shared with us her intentions and the messages she put into her work along with some of her Internet endeavors.



Portrait - Web Craftsman’s Portrait -

NAGAI Kenichi_Shines and Thrives in Kyoto on “Imperfection”

NAGAI Kenichi is one of the pivotal figures of 1-10design, Inc. — a Kyoto based company that handles numerous large-scale projects. Even though his acquaintances know him as someone with a peculiarly “totally bare” character, he has a bottomless passion toward his work. What is the driving force of NAGAI, who continues to give off brilliance in Kyoto?


1-10design, Inc.


ISHIDA Takashi (Painter/Visual Artist)_Adventure of “Mobile Painting” Creation

Lines in “Mobile Painting” act as if of their own accord, stretching out, swirling, at times changing their shapes like flames, and multiplying themselves. Through the stop-motion “moving drawings” method, which captures hand-drawn lines, ISHIDA Takashi continues to explore “painterly” expressions. At the studio where he created his latest work “Moeru Isu – Burning Chair,” Ishida talked about his creative process in which precision and inhibition coexist.


takashi ishida | information

Come in! Come in! - Shanghai Style Production Site

Leaping out of Shanghai to Asia

Text: MATSUMURA Shin (Cshool)

Leaving Shanghai we visit Singapore and Taiwan for some interesting events. Using Mandarin as their official language, these are other regions with a large Han population. In this feature, we report on creative events held in the respective locales of the regions. Through these events, we envision excursions outside of mainland China.


Spikes Asia
I@T festival

Mobile Service Front Line

WEAR_Will It Restructure Apparel Industry? A New Service Launched by START TODAY

Text: NAKAYA Kenichi (trimtab japan)

START TODAY CO.,LTD. operates the biggest fashion mail-order provider in Japan; ZOZOTOWN. Their latest service “WEAR” received a strong response from the apparel industry immediately after its preliminary site was launched. It advocates the cultivation of new “connections” between users, users and products, and users and stores. It also proposes “ways to enjoy fashion in the age of smartphones” and attempts to reconstruct the ecosystem of the industry on the smartphone platform. We talked to the project leader KUBOTA Tatsuya and the design director OHKUBO Makoto.



Running Stories

Web Designing Lab.

CSS Lab._Efficiency Enhancing Icon Fonts
Text: KASAI Shinpei (Coding Factory)

jQuery Lab._Creating an ‘Applicationish’ Photo Gallery
Text: HAYASHI Yutaka, BEHARU Takayasu


Flash Lab._Advanced Usage of Citrus Engine
Text: OKI Yoshiya


(Event & Artist introduction)

Worldwide Creator's Archive

Teehan+Lax Labs_Pump in Hacker Culture!


Teehan+Lax Labs

WD Website Front

Yubinnenga.jp, Forget THEM NOT, GAGADOLL, Advancing Japan Cup, A4A, TOYOTA FV2 Application, A Road to Kiyomizu, Oyatsu King, and more

WD Website Front

one's view

Violent “Simplified Matters”
Text: SHIMIZU Qanta
Square Cash

Technological Expression that Shows the “Human”
Text: OYAGI Tsubasa (SIX)
Bot & Dolly -BOX-

Strength of Unified Brand Experience
Text: ABE Jyunya (1PAC)

Sites with Vibrant “Contrast”
Text: TODOROKI Keisuke (ADC Plus)

Tour De Graphique - A Challenge in the Time of One CD -

Vol.10: On-magazine Live Collage Using “Communication”
Text&collage: KAWAMURA Kosuke

Scroll up the web! <LiVE2 Report>

Efficiently Produce jQuery-based Scroll-format Sites!
Last Volume: Last Volume: Creating an Eatery’s Special Site Using LiVE2 with No Time to Lose

In this last volume, we talk about the behind the scene of this eatery’s special site that we created using “LiVE for WebLiFE* 2” (LiVE2). We tested the viability of launching a site in parallel with the physical store opening or renewal by making impact for the store with only a short period of production time.


Ideas for Local Creatives

“Kobo MARU” that Generates a New Relationship between Welfare and Job through Creatives
Text: SUGA Daisuke (Smart Design Association)

From the Data of Web Designers Report: "The Landscape of this Job"

Bats Tell Us Everything
Text: KOIZUMI Shinya

Introduction to Web analytics for Web Creators

Looking Back at the Neck of the Woods of 2013 Web Analysis
Text: OGAWA Taku

Social Seeds

Virtual Currency “BitCoin” Widely Used for Online Book Closing
Text: NOZAWA Tomo (nitenichiryu)


The Secrets of Digital Marketing

The Emotional State of the Contracting Side of Web Production
Text: OHTA Kenji

News Crawler


WD Reviews

[Adobe Muse CC (ver7)][CINEMA 4D Broadcast Release 15][Marvel][iAd Producer 4.1]

Hagihara Research Institute

Influence on Television of Devices Used in Tandem
Text: HAGIWARA Masashi

Exonemo’s “Touching the Web”

Vol.27 Serial Borg Series EP.7


Manga AC Club Activity Daily Log

#32 Web Manga Road

AC Club


List of Web agencies from all over the country
Monitor & Present
WD Square
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