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2013 / 1 vol.138

1,470 Yen

Features & Special Reports

Feature 1: Usability of the Multi-device Era

Smartphone, Tablet, Windows 8...What is “Usability” in Diversifying Environment?

Now that smartphones are used universally, and with the release of 7-inch tablet, tablet devices have entered a period of their own on a full scale. Moreover, Windows 8, equipped with UI as a tablet PC, has been released, accelerating the diversification of the Web browsing environment. With more options in terms of device and communication environment, that provide the user a wider variety of accessibilities, what is “easy-to-use Website” for the user? Furthermore, what kind of knowledge and skills are desired as a Web creator?


Feature 2: Making CSS More Efficient Using Framework & Generator

Recommended Tools achieving site coding from no scratch

Along with the recent popularization of Website implementation using CSS, various tools of ‘frameworks’ and ‘generators’ are entering the fore. By using these tools, the user can make operations more efficient, not having to worry about the differences between Web browsers and/or devices, while easily managing responsive Web designs. With so many tools it’s hard to figure out which one is user-friendly and which one serves the user’s purpose. Here we introduce some selected tools by Web creators and explain each one’s aptness and usability.


Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Edge Tool & Service

Commentary on All the Tools and Services of New HTML-based Development Environment “Edge” Series

Adobe Systems, which launched a Cloud service “Adobe Creative Cloud” in May 2012, has performed various service extensions and released in October 2012 “Adobe Edge Tool & Service,” an HTML-based development environment that corresponds to both tablet devices and smartphones. Here we delve into the details of the Edge series in accordance with the form and configuration of Creative Cloud service.


Adobe & HTML

Yoshimoto × Web Designing “Choco Banana” Planning Session

Razor Ramon RG × OCHIAI Yoichi

This time our collaboration is between Razor Ramon RG and Ochiai Yoichi. Mr. Ochiai is a creator who researches human interfaces, and is also active as a media artist. What will this novel collaboration engender? Check this often-updated blog!


Choco Banana Project
Up-close blog

Portrait - Web Craftsman’s Portrait -

Pixel Grid_Websites that Frontend Engineers Provide

You’ve heard about the job called frontend engineer often these days, right? Pixel Grid is a Web production company of ONLY frontend engineers. We focus in on this leading Japanese Web frontend company, which has published numerous books and is in great demand for giving talks.


Pixel Grid


MIRRORBOWLERS (Light Art Unit)_Mirror of Passion that Casts Light on the World

Particles of dazzling light dance in the air, illuminating a park by the beach enveloped in darkness. This extraordinary world is filled with vivid and high-contrast hues attracting the eyes of the viewer. What lies at its center is a work of art consisting of a mirror ball entitled “0 (zero) – an egg that illuminates with bicycle-generated power.” It’s a unit called MIRRORBOWLERS, who discovered “another face” of this ornament originating in discos and dance halls. From among a total of around 20 members, a representative Asada Ryo and a graphic designer Uchikoshi Toshiaki talk about “Smart Illumination Yokohama 2012,” where this work of art is displayed.



WF Inside Story

Design that Brings out the Appeal of mount inc. to the Fullest

A design studio, mount inc., was launched in 2008 by Im Jeong-ho and Umetsu Takeshiro. Just recently, they revamped their corporate site entirely. The new site is equipped with designs, effects, and operability that draw out the excellence of their work to the fullest, allowing the user to easily get a feel of the characteristics of the company. The case examples listed on the site speak for themselves of the level of quality and thoughtfulness of the designers, who take meticulous care to detail and put thought into the browsing environment. They share with us the process leading to the completion of the site as well as their aesthetics.


mount inc.

Come in! Come in! - Shanghai Style Creation Site

The Challenge of IMG SRC

Now that Japanese production companies and ad agencies are expanding their businesses internationally, the foundation of an interactive ad company IMG SRC’s Shanghai office had garnered much attention. Their image source supervisor, Koike Hiroshi, talks in details about this venture.


IMG SRC Shanghai

CreateJS ABC

Designing Games Using Toolkit for CreateJS
Text: IKEDA Yasunobu

The last volume of this serial introduces development approach for interactive contents, using Toolkit for CreateJS, with game contents as examples.


Running Stories

Web Designing Lab.

CSS Lab._Making Lateral List with High Modifiability
Text: KASAI Shinpei (Coding Factory)

jQuery Lab._Responsive-compliant Modal Window
Text: HAYASHI Yutaka, OOTA Tomoaki, HAYASE Yuka


(Event & Artist introduction)


Renewal Memorandum by WD Web Master ADACHI Yuji

The Advancement of Multi-device Compliance and Responsiveness

Worldwide Creator's Archive

Fantasy Interactive_quality that surpasses quantity

Fantasy Interactive

WD Website Front

ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDER CHRISTMAS, Urban Research Online Store In-store Special Site, yubin-nenga.jp, McCANN World Group Japan, Architecture for Dogs, and more

WD Website Front


one's view

What Comes Ahead of “Interesting”
Text: SHIMIZU Qanta
JAM with Chrome Introduction Movie
JAM with Chrome

FMenus that were Created by a Change of Gaze
Text: OYAMADA Sachiko
Comodo Instagram menu
The Instagram Menu on Vimeo

JAM Session HTML5!
Text: HARA Kazunari
JAM with Chrome

Respect that Resides within “Diffusion”
Text: HAYASHI Tomohiko (nuuo)
Overly Attached Girlfriend

Making a Mark on a Ruler

(Tota Hasegawa Visual Essay from "tomato interactive")
Text & Visual: HASEGAWA Tota

Tap App_UI on Application Productions: Design Case Study

CSS Techniques to Achieve Both “Efficiency” and “Quality”

Hop, Step, JavaScript! –Learning the Program’s Basics from Scratch–

Let’s Make Samples Using JSON/JSONP
Text: rukunana

From the Data of Web Designers Report: "The Landscape of this Job"

Street Dance and Four-frame Comic Strip?
Text: KOIZUMI Shinya

Social Seeds

Application of Mobiles and Social Media for American Presidential Election
Text: NOZAWA Tomo (nitenichiryu)

Mobile Contents Front Line

Musashikoyama Shopping Avenue PALM_Smartphone Site that Expands the Possibility of Shopping Avenues
Text: NAKAYA Kenichi


News Crawler


WD Reviews

[vibit CMS CE]

Hagihara Research Institute

Utilization Rate of Facebook among People in Their 20s is in Fact Over 50%
Text: HAGIWARA Masashi


Exonemo’s “Touching the Web”

Vol.15 Let BOT Recast the Writings

The serial BOT project is fully in progress. This month, it finally started an experiment on text automatization. The future of contents might be on its hands. Too good to miss!



Manga AC Club Activity Daily Log

#20 “Tasty Ramen”

This time’s menu is tasty ramen. AC Club will feed you good tips on how to visualize tasty food!

AC Club


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