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2012 / 2

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Features & Special Reports

Feature 1: Let’s Start HTML5

Now is the Time to Break away from 4.01!Ways to Write and Think about Future HTML+CSS

“HTML5” attracted attention as a way to realize mobile contents because of its multiple browser-supporting feature “canvas element”. However, its actual capability is to renovate the markup notation of the existing HTML coding which will serve as the base for future markups. Anticipating when HTML5 becomes a norm, in this feature we give an explanation on HTML5’s “principle philosophy,” “basic features,” “markups,” and more.


Feature 2: Sociology on “Kawaii” Design

A New Era of Collective Sense Born from Creators and Recipients

To being from the conclusion, design might be heading toward an era of collective sense that is materialized between creators and recipients. “Kawaii” (cute) can be a symbolic word which indicates this direction. For a while, in the realm of design, “kawaii” started to have value as an evaluation axis. But what is “kawaii” in the first place? This feature touches upon unique research on “kawaii” and design, while also asking the creators from various fields like production, fashion, architecture and editorial about this expression “kawaii”. Let’s delve into the profound relationship between kawaii and design.


Happy New Year! This is the Creator’s “New Year’s Card”!

Too-good-to-miss Rare Contents Brought Together!

Every year, we receive New Year’s cards and New Year’s site announcements replete with experimental ideas and free creativity that we don’t usually get to see when handling client work. However, most of them are only available for a short time and, because they are rarely publicized as actual products, often times it’s too late by the time we find out about them. With that in mind, we introduce a wide array of New Year’s cards sent to our editorial desk, along with New Year’s contents from that much-talked-about company.


Hop, Step, JavaScript! -Learning the Basics of Programs from Scratch- New!

Program is a Magic Word

Starting this month, this new serial offers you an opportunity to gradually learn ways to think about / tackle programs, utilizing a mobile programming language on Web browser JavaScript as raw material. In this first installment, we talk about what programming is and what JavaScript can do. Abracadabra abracadabra. If you master the “magic word = program”, you can issue instructions to your computer at will.


Choco Banana

WF Inside Story

Toyota 86’s “Social Catalog” Reflects the Likes of Users

Since its first appearance in the late November last year, Toyota’s concept car “86 (Hachiroku)” has garnered much attention among car enthusiasts. Their brand site introduces various characteristics of the 86, and users can “like” or leave comments on them. Moreover, the site has an innovative feature called “Social Catalog”, where the content changes in response to the number of “likes”. Toyota’s production staff will share with us their ideas and efforts that led them to this expression.



Portrait - Web Craftsman's Portrait -

GOTO Motoshi / Based in Oita Prefecture, the World as His Vision, He Brings Forth Creative HTML Sites

A freelance Web designer based in Oita prefecture, Goto Motoshi (STRAIGHTLINE) is one of the designers, who have elicited the greatest demand for coverage from our readers. Known for his UI design of smart JavaScript-installed HTML sites, Mr. Goto talks in details about how he established presence in only 2 years of his career.



What Design Can Do: Dialogue

KUBOTA Akihiro×NAGAHARA Yasuhito “What Lies Beyond the Future of Creation”

Inviting Kubota Akihiro, who provides an open space fully equipped with a cutting machine, a 3D printer and a computerized sawing machine that delivers “digital fabrication.” We asked him about the year 2011, the first year of digital fabrication, as well as the future of creation that lies beyond that.


Exonemo’s “Touching the Web” Vol.4

This article is a grand experiment that might lead readers to other magazines! Exonemo, is it really ok to do this!?



Manga AC Club Activity Daily Log

#9 “How to Draw a Storyboard”

A four-frame comic strip and a storyboard have such a close connection! Our editorial desk’s popular “Jibun Robo (Self Robot)” did a great job making their own!


AC Club

Running Stories

New Lab Launch: Web Designing Lab.

CSS Lab._Easiest Accordion Menu by CSS
Text: AKIBA Hideki

jQueryLab._Attract the Users by Adding Depth Perspective Using Parallax Efffect
Text: TOKUDA Kazunori, TANI Hiroki, HASEGAWA Hiromu

SmartphoneLab._jQuery Mobile: The First Step
Text: Coding Factory

FlashLab._Flash Player 11’s New Feature “Stage3D” Introductory
Text: IKEDA Yasunobu


Server Quick Reference

(Usage of Hosting Server)
Text: INOUE Satoshi


(Event & Artist introduction)

Worldwide Creator's Archive

Acne Production / Work Hard and Results Follow

Acne Production

WD Website Front

(Pick up new-arrival Web sites)
Sugoude Shokuningai, SPERM VISUALIZER, dots by internavi, UNIQLO THANKS A MILLION, RANA007, NIKE VISION, Shin’nen Kotoba| Yũbin’nenga.jp, CHRISTIAN DADA, NAMEKO Paradise, and more

WD Website Front


one's view

“’My Original’ Information Gathering Technique”
Text: URANO Daisuke
Flipboard for iPhone

“Let’s Go to the Forest of Technology”
Text: SHIMIZU Kanta
i1GranApp- YouTube

“Producing Yourself Using Facebook”
Text: SO Yoshihiro (coconoe inc.)
Coosy Inc. - Facebook

“Next Destination”
Text: KAWAGUCHI Satoshi

Making a Mark on a Ruler

(Tota Hasegawa Visual Essay from "tomato interactive")
Text & Visual: HASEGAWA Tota


Ossu! Handicraft Club (Captain) / Seize Back the Freedom of Creation (through Club Activity)

THE Ossu Syugeibu

Mobile Contents Front Line

Happiness Quest: O2O that Makes the User and Bending Machine “Buddies”


Happiness Quest

Web Standards Plus

Using W3C Specifications as a Communication Tool
Text: YAKURA Masataka (Mitsue-Links)

CSS Regions Module Level 3

From the Data of Web Designers Report: "The Landscape of this Job"

Rather Harsh Message from “Back Then”
Text: KOIZUMI Shinya

Tachibana School

What’s the Position from which to Best Construct a Strategic Web Framework?
Text: TACHIBANA Mamoru

Social Seeds

Krat’s Social Media Promotion that CP+B Laid out
Text: NOZAWA Tomo (nitenichiryu)



WD Reviews

(Products Reviews)
[Adobe Touch Apps]

News Crawler


Hagihara Research Institute

The Traffic of Corporate Sites Has Started to Drop
Text: HAGIWARA Masashi


List of Web agencies from all over the country
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