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2005 / 4

1,280 Yen

Features & Special Reports

Feature 1: XHTML & CSS Troubleshooting Guide

- Instructions to conform to W3C standards -

The needs for Web design with W3C standards are becoming bigger every day. Now as most of Web browsers support W3C standards better, it becomes not as hard to adopt XHTML & CSS as it was. Nonetheless, beginners will still find it little bit hard to adopt.

This feature 1 is a troubleshooting guide for XHTML & CSS starter.


Feature 2: User-Friendliness From Prefectural Web sites

- 47 different ways to seek easy-to-read & understand -

Public Web sites like prefectural ones are needed to support much wider user layers than commercial Web sites. Therefore, Such Web sites should be more user-friendly and accessible. As comparing 47 prefectural Web sites, they are same in some parts and different in some parts. Might there be ideas to make your site' user-friendliness better.


Tsu-Ku-Ru-Hi-To (People with creativeness)

Design Barcode, Inc.


Running Stories

HOT&COOL creator closeup


HOT&COOL websites closeup


cube WIRED - happy seed


Virtual Tourist

WD Website Front

(Pick up new-arrival Web sites)
[Skapower][Vitz -Water Bar-][P901i Custom Jacket Site "Drop-in"] and others

blog - under construction -

(Basics to customize Movable Type)
Text: Kazuhiro Taguchi

Flash! Flash! Designers' Side

(Idea Sources for Flash Design)
Text: Koji Nishida

Flash! Flash! Programmers' Side

(Let's Start ActionScript from Basic)
Text: Hisayuki Takagi

Photoshop Mania

(Features & Techniques for Web Design)
Text: Yasuyuki Higuchi

Monthly Exercise

(Web Design Tips)
Text+Sample: CiS

Let's go with PHP! 2nd Flight

Text+Sample: Gen Fukatani

CSS Analysis

Text: Miki Ofuji


(Usage of Hosting Server)
Text: Satoshi Inoue

V Portal & Direct for Web creators & masters

(New information & communication system with phone)
Text: Hideaki Takagi

SEO & SEM Consulting Rooms

(Diagnosing your site)
Text: Motoharu Sumi

Web Accessibility : Make Web sites 8341

(Thinking about "Web Accessibility" for all Web users)
Text: Makoto Ueki

What Design Can Do

(Design Essay)
Text: Yasuhito Nagahara

Making a Mark on a Ruler

(Tota Hasegawa Visual Essay from "tomato interactive")
Text: Tota Hasegawa


Human Interest

(Interview about a Turning Point on Life)
Text: Takaki Yamamoto

Rinko instructor's small message

(Workstyle Essay)
Text: Rinko Tsukiyono


[Nippon connection][Congratulations! Shift Vol.100] and others

What is coming up now in Korea?

(Report from [w.e.b.], Korean Magazine)

Focus On

(News column reporting topical subjects)

WD Reviews

(Products Reviews)
[Web Design Works 7][Color Wheel Pro][LiFE* with PhotoCinema 2][Vector Effects CS][iView Media 2]

News Crawler

[IE 7.0 beta will come out in this summer!] and others


List of Web agencies from all over the country
Monitor & Present
WD Square
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