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1. How's it going?
2. I should be going.
3. I'm not sure where we're going.
4. My eyesight is going.
5. Maybe my memory is going.
6. The deadline is coming.
7. I feel a cold coming.
8. A big typhoon is coming.
9. I knew this was coming.
10. I think I still have 100 yen coming.


11. Who's running?
→誰が立候補してるの?(返答例:Clinton and Trump.)
12. Who's fighting?
→誰 (と誰) が戦ってるの?(返答例:Ali and Inoki.)
13. Who cares?
14. What happened?
15. Are you kidding?
16. Have you eaten?
17. Does he drink?
18. Do you drive?
19. Please donate.
20. The phone is ringing.
21. Your shirttail is showing.
22. My favorite song is playing.
23. That depends.
24. She's expecting.
25. He finally snapped.
26. My smartphone broke.
27. Time sure flies.
28. The faucet is dripping.
29. Your nose is peeling.
30. That bottle is leaking.
31. I won and he lost.
32. Opposites attract.
33. My knees are shaking.
34. He likes to gamble.
35. His cheeks are twitching.
36. It's a good idea, but will it work?
37. I doubt their marriage will last.
38. Their plan bombed.
39. The seasons are changing.
40. I guess I could agree.
41. It's the thought that counts.
42. Succeed or fail? It's all up to you.
43. You should learn how to touch-type.
44. When I drink, my face flushes.
45. It's up to you how much you improve.
46. There's no need to bow and scrape.
47. Our Internet sales are steadily increasing.
48. We prefer cash, but a check will do.
49. His broken arm took two months to heal.
50. I tried to move my right knee, but it didn't bend.



Practice and progress go hand in hand.

See you soon.

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・Part 3-20のdrizzleを「みぞれが降る」と言ったような気がするのですが・・・正しくは「霧雨が降る、小雨が降る」。「みぞれが降る」はsleet。mistは「霧(かすみ、もや)がかかる、霧雨が降る」。各自辞書で再チェック!


1. 穴埋め問題用指示英文

1. Fill in the blanks.
2. Can you fill in these blanks?
3. What word goes in the blank?
4. What word should you put in the blank?
5. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.
6. Which word do you think best fits the blank?
7. Please fill in the blanks with the correct word.
8. Complete each sentence with a word from the list.
9. Fill in each blank with the correct word from the list.
10. Which word can be used to fill in the following blank?

2. 英文要約
・Part 1:伝える英語《省略版+レベルアップ版》
・Part 7:鍛える英語【4】Pros and Cons: Why study English?(要約するための元の英文として使えるかもしれません)。


1. 英検・英語面接対策

2. 授業での英会話練習

1. A: What a great album. I could listen to it all day.
B: You shouldn't listen to loud music. It hurts your ears.
A: What? I can't hear you. My ears are ringing.
B: See what I mean?

2. A: We've been sitting Indian-style for an hour now.
B: My legs are asleep. I can't move them.
A: I can't move mine either.
B: Oh, it tingles when your legs fall asleep.

3. A: Could you do me a favor?
B: Sure. What?
A: I have an itch right on the back of my left shoulder. Could you ...?
B: No problem. I'll scratch that for you.

4. A: Look! A mosquito.
B: Where?
A: He just flew in front of the TV.
B: Here he comes. Don't move. He's on your arm. (Slap)
A: Oww.
B: Sorry. Lucky I got him before he bit you.
A: You didn't have to hit him so hard.
B: I was afraid he'd fly away.

5. A: Do you have any pets.
B: Just one -- a cat.
A: Oh, so you're a cat person.
B: Yes. I like cats better than dogs.
A: I'm a dog person. I've always had dogs.
B: They can be cute sometimes.
A: They're loyal and loving -- really good friends.
B: Sure, but cats have an attitude.

6. A: What happened to your hand?
B: Oh, that? I got a bee sting.
A: A bee sting? It's swollen up like a catcher's mitt.
B: I know. I'm allergic to bee stings.
A: Did you see a doctor about it?
B: Of course. He said it'll be OK in a few days.
A: Doesn't it hurt?
B: It did at first. Now it just sort of itches.

7. A: What's your favorite sport?
B: I like to watch rugby, but I like to play baseball.
A: You mean you have two favorite sports?
B: Yes. Have you ever played rugby?
A: No.
B: Well, if you had, you'd know why I'd rather watch it than play it.
A: Oh, I see. It's a pretty tough sport.

8. A: Can you believe this heat?
B: It sure is hot.
A: It must be 90 degrees in the shade.
B: Yep.
A: Ugh. I feel like I'm going to melt into the pavement.
B: Please! Stop reminding me how hot it is.
A: All right. Imagine a cool pond at twilight.
B: Right. Think "cool".

9. A: Ooh! My leg.
B: Are you all right?
A: Yeah. I'm fine.
B: But you're walking with a limp.
A: Oh, that. It's nothing.
B: Did you hurt your leg?
A: No. I was just sitting down for a long time. It went to sleep on me

10. A: Feel that?
B: Stop shaking the table.
A: I'm not. It's an earthquake.
B: Quick! Jump under the table.
A: Oh, stop being so dramatic.
B: We've got to be safe. This could be the Big One!
A: Tremors like this happen all the time. ... See? It's stopped.
B: You were right ... this time.

1. 最新刊・・・【改訂版】英語の正しい発音の仕方(基礎編)
2. 最新刊・・・CD【改訂版】英語の正しい発音の仕方(基礎編)
3. 最新刊・・・『英語は書いて身につける』
4. 書籍・・・『絶対話せる!英文法』
5. 書籍・・・『1分間英語 (イングリッシュ) 日常会話イディオム編』
6. 書籍・・・『1分間英語 (イングリッシュ) グラマー-動詞表現編』
7. 書籍・・・『1分間英語 (イングリッシュ) スピーキング編』
8. 書籍・・・『1分間英語 (イングリッシュ) リスニング編』
9. 書籍・・・『困った場面を切り抜ける 簡単カタコト英会話』⇒マイナビ⇒アマゾン
10. おすすめ電子書籍・・・『英語の筋肉の鍛え方』
11. 短篇小説<電子書籍>・・・『コマドリ頭巾』(英語教師が語る少年Bの話)